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Professional Camera

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a crucial marketing tool and is vital for effective and memorable campaigns. But how much more effective than just posting pictures?

There have been numerous studies to compare "video" against "image based" ads and in most cases video out-performs images with a significant difference between the two: 2 times the increase in clicks and conversions increased by 20 to 30%.

So... interested in video production? We will help you through every step of the processing including planning, preparation and creation of your videos and if you wish, advise on how to best use them effectively!

Charity Campaigns

Charity organisations provide essential support for local communities, therefore it is essential to engage the public with information and social conscience about your ethos, services and life changing results through fund-raising.  A compelling, yet sensitive video featuring those personal stories of people your charity has helped is simply the best way to appeal to donors.

Optimise your video and share it on as many relevant web platforms and social media feeds as possible.

Promotional Videos - Seeing is Selling!

Whatever you wish to promote, we will help you communicate the concept and benefits of buying into your product or service.  We will plan, film and edit your video combining it with professional script writing, narration and audio as required.

One of two videos created for Movie House Cinemas to be played on the large screens across Northern Ireland

A Television commercial to accompany a social media campaign and radio advertisements

A short social media video to promote this companies new range of hard wood flooring

Promotional video for local financial planning company Miskimmin Wealth

Social Media videos

Our hotel clients requested short videos to promote various seasonal and themed events for social media channels and in-house marketing screens. 

Aerial Drone Filming

Northern Ireland has the most stunning locations and no better way to show off your property along with the surrounding landscape or property boundaries, than by using this unique aerial perspective

We use high spec drones, expert operators and guarantee that the drones will be flown safely and legally. Our drone pilots are qualified, fully insured and certified for safe drone operation. We will work with you to ensure that all necessary permissions are obtained in advance of filming.

Take your video to the next level with some of our Drone videos.

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