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Estate Agent Services

Why should Estate Agents use video?

Video marketing is the most effective visual channel, as it works throughout the selling process!

It generates valuable page views as links to pages with embedded video get 157% more organic search results than those without. Videos on average generate 4x more leads.

A professionally produced video can also attract more listings by encouraging a seller to work with that agency.

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In association with our sister company Estate Video we offer a range of services to Estate Agents across Northern Ireland from photo tours, H.D. video, walkthrough tours, aerial drone photography,  3D photos and social media marketing packages.

Estate Agent Social Media Package

We now offer a custom made, full marketing package for all your social media. Pick a property and we will create an eye-catching individual post for all your social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. These can incorporate photos or videos, is fully branded with your agency logo and includes property details. Helps drives viewers to your website and makes the property stand out!






HD Video Tours

Filmed in high definition and individually tailored, enhanced with music, professional narration, graphics and effects - there is no better way to showcase a property!

Photo Tours

Individually crafted from high quality photographs, these photo tours are perfect for all property types and are enhanced with music, professional narration, graphics and effects.

Drone Aerial Videos

Our property drone videos are perfect to highlight the stunning location of a home. We can also add interior photographs or video together with music and narration if required.

Introductory Videos

These highly effective videos are used to introduce your agency and team members to potential clients. They can take many forms including high definition filming or photos and graphics with additional music and narration.

Amazing 3D Photographs!

Just send us a high quality image and using layers we will turn it into an amazing 3D image. Perfect for all types of business! Use in videos, social media feeds and on websites!

Floorplans and Measurements

property floorplan
Property floorplan

As an additional service, as well as property photography or videos we can now offer on site measurements and create a Floor-plan to visually represent the layout of the property to potential buyers.

Lead generating ideas for Estate Agents!

Testimonials: Video is emotive and trustworthy! A video testimonial is the most valuable and persuasive tool to influence decision making.

Property listings: It is essential to have listings that stand out from the crowd. not only will video differentiate you from other agencies but will help you win instructions. Up to 85% of customers say they are more likely to instruct an agent who uses video!

Social Media Videos: Generate many different clips for your social media campaigns from one property video. Short video clips are shared 1200% more than image and text posts combined.

Introduce your agency: Business introduction videos  are a great way to present all your services in an engaging and memorable way.

Introduce your team: Selling a property is personal and a sense of familiarity is a huge bonus - so "Meet the team" videos are a brilliant strategy for personalising your brand.

Location Videos: Introduce the location to a potential buyer - it is a pivotal part of any decision making process. Video will help people visualise themselves living in a geographical area and are more likely  to then issue and instruction to your agency.

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