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Equipment and Resources.

To enhance our event management services, we have a vast array of lighting and sound systems perfect for product launches and indoor events and have the experience and connections to  arrange supply of larger scale equipment for all types of function. If you thinking of running any sort of event and don't know where to start, we would be delighted to help you. We will work with you to create an event plan, arrange the resources you need and oversee the running of the event to successful completion.

Hotel awards ceremony
hotel decor
hotel seating chair covers

We can also supply event decor, mood lighting and bespoke function suite dress. We have supplied these for hundreds of hotel and corporate events over the last 10 years. A wide range of bespoke table decorations, chair covers and mood lighting.

We have a wide range of sound equipment for product launches and indoor events. Alongside this we have stage and mood lighting, tv screens and projectors. If you are running a large scale event or have very specific requirements we can arrange supply of larger scale systems for outdoor events too.

Professional Sound Mixer
Outdoor event trailer
Outdoor event trailer
outdoor event trailer

We can supply an outdoor events trailer - perfect for product demonstrations, outdoor safety shows,  as a stage for PA or corporate branding days. The trailer can be used with the glass doors closed or open with an optional additional stage space.

Additionally, we can supply a range of PA, lighting and screens if required.

Please contact us for full spec.

wedding disco
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