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Campaign Planning

Business Stationary

We have a lifetime of experience in creating and negotiating media sales campaigns. Whatever your business and budget, we will help you strengthen your brand awareness, increase web traffic and generate increased sales.   We will guide you through the complicated world of advertising strategy to ensure your campaigns across radio, television, print and social media offers you the maximum results and return on investment. 


Derek West has comprehensive knowledge of the leading commercial radio networks in Northern Ireland and has an extensive portfolio of contacts in media advertising agencies and can help you with your media sales and marketing plans.  


We have worked with some of the biggest key radio advertising accounts in Northern Ireland and have impeccable knowledge of campaign planning, creative script writing, and commercial production skills, which have received national industry acknowledgement.


Speak to Derek West today to explore the possibilities. 

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Creative Brief

A good brief will encourage copy writers to think differently about your brand and respond with a fresh perspective.

What do you want people to think, feel and do as a result of your campaign?  How can the tone of your message help persuade them? If you make your brief clear and intriguing to the script writers, they are more likely to write creative copy which will win you results. 

Creative writing

Keep it simple, be open minded... how does your brand speak? Are there any specific words, phrases or a distinctive way of communicating which is synonymous with the brand? Avoid cliches, make sure the advert is distinctive and that the commercial message and desired customer action remains clear.

Commercial Production

If your campaign includes radio commercial production, we can offer a competitive quote by using our award winning in-house commercial producer. We can source a wide range of voices in all styles and accents, augmenting this with sound design (music and special effects etc).

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