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360  Virtual Visit

What  is  a  360  Virtual Visit?

360 VR is captured using specialist cameras which enable the filming of an entire 360 degrees at the same time. This allows the user to look and move around the entire scene as they wish, it is an immersive, interactive experience placing the user in the environment  that they would experience if actually there. You do not need a special device in order to view a 360 virtual visit, they can be viewed on the vast majority of devices.

A 360 VR experience is interactive, the viewer can move around the image, zoom in and out as they wish, one click can move them to a new area or room and they can get instant access to further information by clicking on an information tab which can give them detailed text , a video, photographs, a flip book or narration about that point of interest.

Holywood V.R. Town Tour!

JohnsonWest Co recently embarked on a first for Northern Ireland creating an interactive VR Tour for all of 'Holywood' to promote the local Business, Retail, Culture and Tourism.

The video below explains how it works and why not try it yourself!

We are currently working on a VR Town Tour of Comber 



If you would be interested in a VR Tour of your business or area please get in touch we will be delighted to demonstrate the benefits of such an innovative marketing and promotional tool!



A  recent 360 VR tour for Rosspark Hotel

Try our Rosspark VR Tour

A  VR tour for retail

A  VR tour for  Schools, Colleges or Universities

A  VR tour for  Business Parks

VR in Tourism Marketing  The most common way in which VR is used for tourism is for marketing, being able to capture tourism destinations in such a memorable and immersive way is a powerful marketing tool. VR in tourism has the ability to place the user at the heart of the scene and imagine themselves there.


VR for Retailers  VR retail experiences are transforming brick and mortar shopping, creating a virtual shopping experience can reduce operating costs and offer an immersive experience for consumers to visit your store 247. Dramatically improve how customers engage with your brand, virtually display products, view stock and tour your store from the comfort of home.

VR for Estate Agents  Provide prospective buyers with a detailed first viewing of a property, with an immersive and detailed experience. Your agency benefits from saving time and allowing your agency to stand out from the competition assisting you to get more listings.

VR for Education  Perfect at all stage of the education system - playschool's, primary schools, colleges and universities. Show the very best aspects of the educational establishment, introduce teachers, allow pupils to familiarise themselves with the layout of the school. As our tours can also feature multiple languages - they will be of use to universities or colleges recruiting international students.

VR for workplace training  an immersive learning experience allowing users to experience any type of workplace situation and environment, a safe, efficient and cost effective training solution for business.

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